Market Value – Participating Artists | Hamilton Arts Council

A very fascinating idea is taking place in Hamilton, Ontario. Artists will be dedicating a day of work to the public, i.e., instead of developing their art in the privacy of their own studios, they’ll be developing it at Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market. Take a look:

Market Value – Participating Artists | Hamilton Arts Council.

It’s not too often that we put the working process of creativity out for public view, and for good reason: many of us, I think I can say, would be too embarrassed to put “imperfect” work in front of the public eye. As a teen and into my early 20s, I hated standing in front of someone while they read something I’d just written, e.g., a card or letter, even though it was meant to be read. If they didn’t laugh or react as I wanted them too where I thought they were reading, I’d get pretty embarrassed.

It’s also difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing when others are watching. I remember a former co-worker of mine talking about how they (protecting identity) had to write something at work while their manager watched. Kind of like writing in a school group project: each of you wants to write your thing, but the others are watching and putting in their commentary before you even get a full sentence out.

I wonder what the response to this project will be. Will it be the awe of children and adults watching a glass blower at work in a tourist area? Will it be boredom, maybe because it looks too normal? Will it be as eye-opening as the artistic community in Hamilton hopes it will be? I’m definitely looking forward to hearing/reading about reactions to this.


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