Quick-and-Dirty Felt Book Cover for Kids

Quick-and-Dirty Felt Book Cover for Kids

Although I admit to going a bit nuts at a local arts & crafts warehouse during Boxing Week sales, I’m still trying to use up old materials lying around. After all, isn’t part of the point of getting a sewing machine so you can save some money?

I had a large piece of red felt from I-don’t-know-when. It was big enough to make a quick book cover. My older son helped cut it out, but then he lost interest during the sewing part.

I quickly finished it, simply by folding in the edges and attempting to sew straight lines (the hardest thing in the world, I tell you).

Inside of a felt book cover for my son's notebook journal.

It looked a bit plain, though. My son had cut and paste a house together out of felt and pipe cleaners, so I sewed that on to the cover.

Outside of a felt book cover for my son's notebook journal.

The result? A wonderful new journal for him, in which he can draw, cut and paste pictures, and even print. (Right now, printing dinosaur names is all the rage.)

How a letter-sized journal fits into the book cover for kids

Completed felt book cover for kids, with the felt house sewn on.You can easily get bitten by the perfectionist bug when you’re attempting to be creative. I simply wanted to whip something useful together really quickly for my kid and surprise him at Christmas this past year. It worked.

Have you created anything for your kids where perfection was not your ultimate goal?

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