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Book Launch in Waterloo! Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

Book Launch in Waterloo! Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

I’m holding my first book launch in Waterloo! It’ll take place on Monday, November 25th, in Waterloo, for Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek. Join me for a relaxing evening, including a tea and hot chocolate bar and yummy treats, and some good discussion based on a good story. The series follows the journey of one family from chaotic post-World War I Europe to hyper-busy, modern-day Kitchener. This is the fifth instalment in Between Worlds, my series that is being enjoyed by teen and adult readers alike.

Juliana and Sophie Spend a Little Time Together

After a weekend away at a competition in Toronto, Juliana learns that this move has been hard on Mom, too. In Hide and Seek, Juliana goes on the hunt for an embarrassing-but-funny picture of Mom, taken of her first competition jazz solo when she was 11 years old. Mom’s birthday is coming up, and Juliana knows this’ll make Mom laugh. Without know Juliana’s plans, Mom tells her about that exact same picture and that she really wants to find it now, over 30 years later. Juliana’s hunt isn’t just about fun anymore: it’s about finally helping Mom with something important to her. Unfortunately, though, she’s still new to Opa’s house and doesn’t know all the places to look.

Sophie is the perfect answer to Juliana’s problem, but Juliana soon gets the impression that her cousin is hiding something about her vision loss, which is caused by a rare disease called Stargardt disease (also known as juvenile macular degeneration). Juliana wants to help, but she doesn’t know how to talk to Sophie about it.

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Elisabeth Has to Convince Mammi to Forgive

Elisabeth’s also searching for something: Maria’s special magazine, the one from America. One of her siblings has stolen it, and the suspect’s timing couldn’t have been worse.

For starters, the magazine has pictures of modern shoes, and Elisabeth, best friend Maria, Anna, and Rosina want Mammi to make shoes that look like the ones in the magazine. Besides the fact that Mammi doesn’t want to, Elisabeth and her sisters can’t begin to convince their mother if they don’t have the magazine with the drawings.

Second, Elisabeth has only one week to her confirmation, it’s planting season, and Mammi’s closer to giving birth. (Actually, second, third, and forth. Life is never a single track for Elisabeth, is it?) Now she has to waste time finding out who stole her friend’s prized possession. But when a surprise answer to her prayers for help appears, she has a new challenge: to convince Mammi to open her heart to this offer of help.

A Warm, Cozy Book Launch in Waterloo on a Cold Evening–With Parking On-Site

A cup of hot chocolate surrounded by Christmas decor and cookies

I would love for you to join me on this special night, my first book launch in Waterloo. I’ll be reading in the parlour of Trillium Church, at 22 Willow St. in Uptown Waterloo. There is ample parking, the facility is wheelchair accessible, and the church can be easily reached with public transportation. Here’s where to enter the building:

I’ll have copies of all my books for sale and am happy to sign them for anyone on your gift list. (I also offer 20% off three or more books.) If you’re concerned about buying books in the future, there’s no need to: they’re available locally at Words Worth Books in Waterloo, nationally via Indigo, and internationally via Amazon.

Conversation That Isn’t Boring

Come out on a cold night for a warm evening to talk about books, history, K-W, immigration, and whatever else comes up. I’ll read three passages, each one no more than ten minutes long, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions in between. As I said at the beginning, I’ll also have warm drinks on hand plus a few yummies from a local establishment. If you have any questions about the book launch for Between Worlds 5, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you!

Line-up of all five books from Lori Wolf-Heffner's series, "Between Worlds."
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