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Zoom Reading from Between Worlds 8: A Father’s Journey

Zoom Reading from Between Worlds 8: A Father’s Journey

July 24, 2021 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm

Two teens, a century apart, struggle to learn what love and fathers are really all about.

That does it, Juliana vows. It’s Operation How to Train Your Father, full speed ahead. After years of making do with texts and phone calls while he was driving his transport truck for days, sometimes weeks, at a time, she’d thought she desperately wanted him home. That was before he wanted her to wear shorts down to her ankles and study 30 hours a day. But when a family secret derails her plans, Juliana discovers there’s more to her father than she could have ever imagined.

Elisabeth is breaking with tradition by getting her bangs cut for the very first time in her life when she hears Tata will be coming home early from America! How can she show him how much she loves him? She’ll put on the best welcome-home celebration ever, that’s it.  When a family crisis strikes, though, Elisabeth fears she’ll never learn how to show her father just how much he really means to her.

A Father’s Journey is the eighth instalment in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. Join Juliana and Elisabeth as they find family love in unexpected places.

Join author Lori Wolf-Heffner for the Facebook launch of Between Worlds 8: A Father’s Journey! The passages Lori will be reading from at this event will differ from those of the Tuesday Facebook reading. A short Q&A period will follow. Please RSVP to receive the Zoom meeting link. You will not be added to any promotional email lists.


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