How to Buy Your Books at All Things Tea in Belmont Village

If you live in Waterloo Region, you can buy Between Worlds and Love on Belmont at All Things Tea in Belmont Village. You can grab your copies directly in the store or, with a minimum $25 purchase of tea, add the books to your home delivery order.

How to Buy Your Books, Order Your Tea, and Enjoy Same-Day Delivery

All Things Tea carries both series. If you order tea for home delivery, a minimum $25 order qualifies you for free delivery of your books, too. Here’s how to order:

  1. Visit All Things Tea to look at the incredible, delicious selection of teas. (You can even ask for my favourite–Spiced Chocolate Rooibos.)
  2. When you place your order, let them know which books you’d like to order, too.

Love on Belmont

Between Worlds

Enjoying My Favourite Tea: Spiced Chocolate Rooibos

Enjoying my favourite tea ❤️