Lori Wolf-Heffner

Canadian Author

Between Worlds 1: The Move

Juliana Roth loves her life in Calgary, hanging with her awesome school friends and having sleepovers with Rachel, her BFF from the dance studio. But her parents decide the family has to move half-way across the country to live with Opa Schuhmacher, her grandfather, and take care of him.

One evening, overwhelmed by the unwanted new world she finds herself in, Juliana flees to the cellar. She finds an old sketchbook with drawings of another time and place …

A year has passed since the end of the great war that devastated Europe. Now Elisabeth Schuhmacher’s father must leave again, this time to seek prosperity in America. Tata’s Christmas gift to his eldest daughter is a sketchbook in which she must draw everything important to her so he can see it all when he returns.

Juliana finds she needs to understand Elisabeth’s world, and seeks help from her grandfather, Elisabeth’s son. Sadly, dementia is slowly turning the key and locking his memories away forever.

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