Lori Wolf-Heffner

Canadian Author

Between Worlds 2: The Distance

Dad has been a truck driver ever since Juliana can remember, away for days at a time, and the gulf between them has grown. It seems irreparable now, when Dad doesn’t understand why Juliana’s terrified about the fallout of a major faux pas on her first day at her new dance studio. In one last attempt to connect with her, Dad opens up about his hidden past. Juliana isn’t sure it’s enough to forgive her father for missing so much of her life.

Tata’s been gone for almost two months now and the Schuhmachers haven’t heard from him yet. While helping cousin Susi with wedding preparations, Elisabeth stumbles upon a recent letter from Tata to his brother, Susi’s father, a man Mammi despises. He hasn’t found work in America yet and asks his brother not to say anything to Mammi. Elisabeth doesn’t know if she can obey his request.

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