Between Worlds 3: The First Step

Cover for "Between Worlds 3: The First Step." On the left, in a muted image, is a teenage woman in a peasant dress, with a long apron and a shawl and headscarf. She's leaning against a tree. On the right, on what looks like the same tree, is a modern teenager girl wearing a bright winter jacket, a toque, and mitts. A cityscape is behind her.

Between Worlds 3: The First Step, is the third instalment in the story of Juliana Roth and her great grandmother, Elisabeth Schuhmacher.

Having to deal with an unusually heavy study schedule at her new school and odd behaviour from Opa, Juliana is more aware than ever now how much she needs her family. If only they were there for her.

Just as Elisabeth finally settles into her new role, things go haywire: school is cancelled all week for Luki and Anna, crotchety Omama suddenly shows up to stay, and a repair in the pig pen brings a potential future husband into the house.

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