Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

Between Worlds 5 will be released November 25th! Join me at my book launch in Waterloo that evening.

Juliana enlists her cousin Sophie’s help in looking for the perfect gift for Mom’s birthday: a long-lost photo from her first dance competition three decades ago. As they search, Sophie can no longer hide the full extent of her vision loss, and Juliana doesn’t see how to help.

Planting season has begun, but Elisabeth’s siblings are too young to help and her family can’t afford farmhands. Answers to her prayers reassure Elisabeth that help is possible, but she must convince Mammi to find forgiveness in her heart so the possible can become reality.

Where Can I Buy It?

Regular Print

Large Print

  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon US: Due to Amazon’s stringent policies, they won’t allow me to upload this title. I’ll rectify the situation in the New Year. In the meantime, please try ordering directly from your local Barnes & Noble or independent bookstore.
  • Indigo
  • Ask at your local bookstore


You can buy Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek on many of your favourite ebook platforms!

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