Between Worlds Box Set: Books 1-3

Cover for Between Worlds Box Set 1-3 by Lori Wolf-Heffner. Two teen girls looking concerned, one in sepia tone and a peasant dress, the other in colour and wearing a t-shirt and bracelets.

Between Worlds Box Set: Books 1-3

Read the first three books of Between Worlds as a box set, available in ebook and hardcopy format (softcover, one volume).

What’s Between Worlds About?

A diary filled with drawings from a long time passed…

It’s Christmas and the Roths are moving across the country to live with Opa, who is stricken with Alzheimer’s. Juliana, 14 and forced to leave her friends and the life she’s loved behind, is less than thrilled—and feeling more lonely than ever.

But in the cellar of her grandfather’s house she discovers a gateway to another time: a sketching journal, and the story of Elisabeth, her great-grandmother.

Started as a way to record her life for her father in America, Elisabeth’s journal is full of drawings of unknown people, struggles, and celebrations. However, Juliana can’t understand the stories behind them. Opa is the last living person who knows the truth––a truth he’s losing day by day, as Alzheimer’s threatens to destroy the living memories of Elisabeth’s life forever.

Between Worlds is the powerful story of two teenage girls bound by family, strength, and love. Discover what fills them with anger, opens their eyes, and ultimately expands their hearts.

This box set contains the first three books in the series: The Move, The Distance, and The First Step.

Covers of Between Worlds books 1-3, by Lori Wolf-Heffner
Cover designs by Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design
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