Between Worlds Box Set: Books 1-3

Two teen girls from two different times facing away from each other
Cover artwork by Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design

Without a space to dance, how will Juliana adjust to her new home?

Tap dancer Juliana moves across Canada with her parents to care for an ailing grandfather. Cut off from her friends, surrounded by strangers, and unable to dance out her frustrations, Juliana becomes overwhelmed by the whirlwind of changes spinning around her. Scared she’ll explode and embarrass herself, she runs one night to the only place she can: her grandfather’s musty cellar…

With Tata gone to America after Europe’s great war and Mammi now toiling away in the family’s shoemaking workshop, Elisabeth must care for her siblings and prepare for Christmas. When her brother and two sisters refuse to listen and her list of chores grows ever longer, Elisabeth worries that neither drawing in her sketchbook nor praying to God can help her survive these changes.

When Juliana discovers Elisabeth’s sketchbook of unknown people, struggles, and celebrations, she knows in her heart that she’s found her lifeline in this new world. But how will she understand what the drawings mean?

If you love history, the arts, and family, order the opening trilogy today and enjoy a story that spans generations.

This box set contains the first three books in the series: The Move, The Distance, and The First Step.

Covers of Between Worlds books 1-3, by Lori Wolf-Heffner
Cover designs by Michelle Fairbanks of Fresh Design

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