Between Worlds Box Set: eBooks 1-3

Cover of Between Worlds Box Set for books 1-3

It’s available! The first three books of Between Worlds as a box set, in digital format! Priced at only $9.99 CAD/USD, you can binge read all three books at once.

What’s Between Worlds About?

Juliana leads a normal teenage dancer’s life in Calgary: school during the day, dance in the evening and on weekends, and friends—especially Rachel—squished in to every spare moment she has. But when the family moves across the country to live with Opa, who’s in the early stages of dementia, Juliana’s life turns upside down.

Lonely, Juliana searches for connection and finds its spark in the most unlikely place: a journal that belonged once to Elisabeth, Juliana’s European great-grandmother. Herself a teen in the wake of World War I, Elisabeth chronicled the war’s effects on her village and family.

Unfortunately, Elisabeth didn’t write in the journal; she drew, and Opa is the only person alive now who can help Juliana decipher it. Can she uncover enough before his memories disappear forever?

Between Worlds shares the journeys of two teens trying to navigate between the worlds of childhood and womanhood. Witness what fills them with anger, what opens their eyes, and what ultimately expands their hearts. 

Where Can I Buy It?

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