1: Tea Shop for Two


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She’s bold. He’s sweet. Just add love and stir.

Pauline loves entertaining thousands—especially the kids—with stunts and an open heart at game time and in community service as the only female mascot actor in men’s major league hockey. After the Toronto Peregrines seize victory and the national cup, Pauline prepares for the best time of her thirty-year career. So when she’s called home to train the new employee at her mother’s tea shop while her mother recovers from surgery, cabin fever sets in faster than a slapshot.

Todd can boil water…but that’s it. After the curtain crashed down on his international ballet career, working at Claire’s Tea Shop was his first opportunity at a new—and private—life. He’s in the right place: even if Todd can’t tell a Darjeeling from a Ceylon, Pauline can’t tell a pirouette from a Baryshnikov. He has to succeed at this, or another failure will be on display for the world to see.

But from the moment Pauline jumps onto the counter to save Todd from a horde of tea connoisseurs, steam rises between them, and Pauline and Todd find a special blend of love steeping into their hearts.

Tea Shop for Two is the first instalment in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s sweet romance series, Love on Belmont.


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