8: A Father’s Journey

8: A Father's Journey

Between Worlds 8: A Father's Journey, regular print


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Sometimes a parent’s love, even when deeply desired, can become overwhelming. 

That does it, Juliana vows. It’s Operation How to Train Your Father, full speed ahead. After years of making do with texts and phone calls while Dad was driving his transport truck for days—sometimes weeks—at a time, Juliana thought she would love having him home. Except that he wants her to wear shorts down to her ankles and study 30 hours a day! When a family secret derails her plans, Juliana discovers there’s more to her father than she ever imagined. To stay calm, Juliana turns to her favourite source of comfort, her great-grandmother’s sketchbook. 

Elisabeth is breaking with tradition by cutting her bangs for the first time in her life when she hears Tata will be returning early from America! Desperate to convince him to never leave again, she decides to put on the best welcome-home celebration ever. There’s only one problem: she’s never planned a celebration by herself before. Luckily, she has time to practise and prepare before the big day. But when a family crisis strikes, Elisabeth may need to stop her plans for the sake of keeping her family together. 

As both Juliana and Elisabeth struggle with their previously distant fathers suddenly becoming a part of their lives, both girls must learn what love, family, and fatherhood are truly about. 

A Father’s Journey is the eighth book in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. For those who love history, the arts, and family ties, pick up a copy of A Father’s Journey and enjoy a story that crosses generations. 

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