6: Missing Home (large print)


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When those you trust the most feel like strangers…

Juliana is trapped between Opa and Mom: Opa doesn’t understand why his daughter ever left home, and Mom is doing everything possible to not spend time with her father. Family stories that began long before Juliana was born threaten to overwhelm her…unless she finds help. Juliana hopes that Elisabeth’s century-old diary of drawings holds the key to getting her out of Monkey in the Middle.

Tata was Elisabeth’s one and true confidante, and she feels his absence everywhere. When her sister comes home with a twisted ankle because schoolboys tormented her about Tata, Elisabeth fears that the problems Tata’s absence causes will suffocate her. But with Mammi locking herself away in the workshop, Elisabeth must seek help from the very people Mammi despises.

In Between Worlds 6: Missing Home, Juliana and Elisabeth unlock painful family memories as they come to understand what absence really means for their families––and how unexpected discoveries can finally fill that void.

The interior of this book is printed in 19-point, bold, sans serif font and follows the guidelines of the American Council of the Blind.

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