2: The Distance (large print)

2: The Distance (large print)

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Between Worlds 2: The Distance with the original large print cover.

How can family rifts be healed when problems from the past keeps pulling them apart? 

Moving to Kitchener hasn’t been an easy transition for Juliana. So, when Juliana’s first dance practice at her new studio goes horribly wrong and her dad dismisses her feelings, Juliana snaps, unleashing years of resentment over his job as a truck driver. With no one to talk to, Juliana turns to the only thing that has given her comfort in Kitchener: her great-grandmother’s sketchbook. 

Elisabeth needs her father now more than ever: a wedding on his side of the family means she must spend time with his hateful family members without him there to protect her. But his cousin Georg is different. Not haughty like the others, he suffers from frightening nightmares from the war. Everyone fears Georg, but the more Elisabeth gets to know him, the more she believes Georg’s fits are not what others claim them to be.  

As Juliana and Elisabeth struggle with the conflicts in their families, they come closer to understanding the long-held pain that caused them. With a little empathy and understanding, could both girls find a way to close the distance between them and their family members before their pain becomes a permanent scar on their relationships?  

The Distance is the second book in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. If you love history, the arts, and family ties, pick up a copy of The Distance and enjoy a story that spans generations. 


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