3: The First Step (large print)

3: The First Step (large print)

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Growing up is hard enough. Why does family have to make it harder? 

Fourteen-year-old Juliana didn’t expect to be the one looking after her grandfather, who lives with Alzheimer’s. But with her parents always at work, she feels they barely have time for her, let alone Opa. Add studying for exams at her new school, and Juliana doesn’t know how she can focus on her grades while also caring for Opa on her own. Conflicted, she turns to the one thing that has helped her find solace since her move: her great-grandmother’s sketchbook. 

Crotchety Omama has invited herself to stay with Elisabeth’s family. But when Omama insists Elisabeth punish her brother by hitting him and conspires with Mammi to introduce her to her first marriage prospect, Elisabeth must decide for herself what discipline and marriage look like according to God’s will. Even if that differs from her family’s expectations. 

With family responsibilities bearing down on Juliana and Elisabeth, the girls must learn to balance their needs with what their families and society expect of them. 

The First Step is the third book in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. If you love history, the arts, and family ties, pick up a copy of The First Step and enjoy a story that spans generations. 

The interior of this book is printed in 19-point, bold, sans serif font and follows the guidelines of the American Council of the Blind. This is larger than standard large print books.

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