4: What Friends Do

4: What Friends Do

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Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do, original cover misprint. You have to be fine reading small print. Only available in Canada.

Friends hold our hands and light the way through tragedy, no matter how far away they live. 

Juliana and Rachel have been best friends for years. Which is why living so far from one another has been so hard. When tragedy strikes Rachel’s family, Juliana begs to be by her friend’s side, but her family forbids the cross-country journey. Scared this tragedy could threaten her friendship with Rachel forever, Juliana once again seeks guidance from her great-grandmother’s sketchbook. 

The war has left Elisabeth’s cousin Georg with horrible nightmares. Everyone fears and ridicules him, and the pastor declares Georg’s suffering a punishment from God. But Elisabeth wonders: Does God not call on His followers to help those who are suffering? When she tries to help him, though, customers threaten to stop taking their shoes to Mammi, and Mammi also reveals why she believes Georg deserves these nightmares. Does Elisabeth obey her mother and stay away from her cousin? Or does she try to help a former solider whose mind is surrendering to memories of the horrific war? 

As Juliana struggles to support a mourning Rachel from afar, and Elisabeth toils with conflicting feelings about Georg’s anguish, both girls face difficult decisions about how they can best help people they love grieve. 

What Friends Do is the fourth book in Lori Wolf-Heffner’s contemporary/historical series, Between Worlds. For those who love history, the arts, and family ties, pick up a copy of What Friends Do and enjoy a story that spans generations. 

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