4: What Friends Do


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In the face of tragedy, who are you really?

When tragedy strikes Rachel’s family, Juliana knows she needs to be by her best friend’s side. She begs her parents to let her fly back home, but they say no, leaving Juliana to try to help Rachel from thousands of kilometres away. Juliana soon realizes that this tragedy could threaten their friendship forever––until a drawing in great-grandmother Elisabeth’s journal helps her discover an inner strength that could propel her through one of the most trying times of her life.

The war has left Georg, Elisabeth’s older cousin, with nightmares and fits. Everyone ridicules him. When customers threaten to stop taking their shoes to Mammi if anyone in her family helps Georg, and Mammi reveals why she despises Georg so much, Elisabeth has to choose: Does she obey her mother and stay away from her cousin? Or does she try to help a former soldier whose mind is succumbing to memories of that horrific war?

In Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do, tragedies push Juliana and Elisabeth to dig deeper than they ever have, showing the world just how strong they really are.

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