7: What Will Come


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Two teens fear for their family’s future. They live a century apart, but family draws their lives together.

Juliana catches a glimpse of her grandfather’s future during a community dance show at a nursing home. Frightened by what she sees, she buries her feelings, but they keep returning. Will she lose herself to fears about her grandfather’s fate?

Elisabeth’s mother has just suffered a terrible loss, so Omama moves in to help and interferes with the family life Elisabeth has worked hard to nurture. But when Omama disapproves of a man Elisabeth likes, Elisabeth pushes back. Can she convince Omama that she can determine her own fate?

What Will Come is the 7th instalment in the contemporary/historical series Between Worlds. If you like stories about family and the generations that come before us, you’ll enjoy this heart-warming and uplifting series about Juliana, a teen today, and her great-grandmother Elisabeth, a teen almost 100 years ago.

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