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Belmont Village Weekly Fresh Market

Westmount Public School runs a small market in Belmont Village in Kitchener. You’ll find predominantly local produce, plus a few local artisans. I’ll be selling all my books there, including a handful of the latest one, Between Worlds: What Friends Do.

Flamenco at 50: “It’s too easy when we age to give up. I don’t agree with that.”

Starting Dance Past 50 When I turned 40, I suddenly cared about aging. Always active in my younger years through dance, and proudly displaying a photo of me doing the splits still at age 37, turning 40 suddenly made me…

The Freelancing Fallacy: You Believe a Freelancing Career Means You’re Your Own Boss

Enraptured by the idea of running your own business so you’re your own boss? Sick and tired of answering to a tyrannical boss at work? Love the idea of getting up whenever you want to without having to apologize to…