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Cover of Between Worlds 1: The Move

Between Worlds

A young adult series about two teen girls who live a century apart, but family draws their worlds together.

Cover of Love on Belmont 1: Tea Shop for Two


A charming sweet romance series that takes place in the quaint shopping district of Belmont Village.

Lori Wolf-Heffner is sitting against a yellow brick wall, writing in a journal.

Lori's Blog

Read up on interesting historical facts, interviews with artists, book recommendations, and more.

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Between Worlds

Cover of Between Worlds 1: The Move
Cover of Between Worlds 2: The Distance
Cover of Between Worlds 3: The First Step
Cover of Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do
Cover of Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek
Cover of Between Worlds 6: Missing Home
Cover of Between Worlds 7: What Will Come
Cover of Between Worlds 8: A Father's Journey
Between Worlds 9 is coming soon

Love on Belmont

The Short Story Prequels

Cover of Claire's Tea Shop
Cover of Trick or Tea
Cover of Oh, Christmas Tea

The Novels

Cover of Love on Belmont 1: Tea Shop for Two
Love on Belmont 2 is coming soon

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