Between Worlds

A Series About Compassion and Determination

Juliana has to move across the country, where she doesn’t know a soul.

A diary filled with drawings from a long time passed…

It’s Christmas and the Roths are moving across the country to live with ailing Opa, stricken with Alzheimer’s. Juliana, 14 and forced to leave her friends and the life she’s loved behind, is less than thrilled—and feeling more lonely than ever.

Elisabeth’s father returned from World War I, only to leave a year later for America.

But in the cellar of her grandfather’s house she discovers a gateway to another time: a sketching journal, and the story of Elisabeth, her great-grandmother.

Started as a way to record her life for her father in America, Elisabeth’s journal is full of drawings of unknown people, struggles, and celebrations. However, Juliana can’t understand the stories behind them. Opa is the last living person who knows the truth––a truth he’s losing day by day, as Alzheimer’s threatens to destroy the living memories of Elisabeth’s life forever.

Between Worlds is the powerful story of two teenage girls bound by family, strength, and love. Discover what fills them with anger, opens their eyes, and ultimately expands their hearts.

About Each Book in Between Worlds

Cover for "Between Worlds 1: The Move" by Canadian author Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 1: The Move

Juliana’s life turns upside down when she and her parents move across the country to live with her grandfather. She discovers an old journal of drawings that leads her to Elisabeth, Juliana’s great-grandmother, who drew about the events after World War I, when she was 14.

Cover for "Between Worlds 2: The Distance" by Canadian author Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 2: The Distance

In one last attempt to connect with Juliana, Dad opens up about his hidden past. Can Juliana forgive him for having missed so much of her life?
Elisabeth’s family still hasn’t heard from their father, but she discovers he’s already written his brother.

Cover for "Between Worlds 3: The First Step" by Canadian author Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 3: The First Step

To keep her average up, Juliana has to stick to a strict study schedule. Opa’s odd behaviour, though casts doubt on that.
Elisabeth has to care for all her siblings and crotchety Omama all week, whose traditional forms of discipline don’t sit well with Elisabeth.

Cover for "Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do" by Canadian author Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do

Juliana and Rachel’s friendship faces its hardest test yet when tragedy strikes Rachel’s family.
Horrific nightmares of that great war are tormenting Georg, Elisabeth’s cousin. Elisabeth wants to help, but Mammi–plus almost everyone in their community–tells her not to.

Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

Between Worlds 5 will be released November 25th! Join me at my book launch in Waterloo that evening. Juliana enlists her cousin Sophie’s help in looking for the perfect gift for Mom’s birthday: a long-lost photo from her first dance […]

Cover of Between Worlds 6: Missing Home. A blue background, an old key dangling on the right, on the left is an old photo of two women from Semlak, Romania.

Between Worlds 6: Missing Home

When those you trust the most feel like strangers… Juliana is trapped between Opa and Mom: Opa doesn’t understand why his daughter ever left home, and Mom is doing everything possible to not spend time with her father. Family stories […]

Cover for box set for "Between Worlds 1-3"

Between Worlds Box Set: Books 1-3

Read the first three books of Between Worlds as a box set, available in ebook and hardcopy format (softcover, one volume). What’s Between Worlds About? A diary filled with drawings from a long time passed… It’s Christmas and the Roths […]

Where to Buy Between Worlds

This series about Juliana and her great-grandmother Elisabeth is available in softcover, ebook format from all major platforms, and large print through all major national and international book retailers. Here are some Canadian links:

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