Between Worlds

2 Teens | 2 Continents | 2 Centuries | 1 Family

Two teenage girls are connected across history by a book that says more than words can say and the fading memory of a man who can no longer say enough.

Between Worlds is the story of Juliana, a 14-year-old only child who has to leave it all behind–friends, dance team, home–to live with her grandfather, a kind man who’s in the early stages of dementia and lives half-way across the country.

She soon finds a source of strength, though: her great grandmother, Elisabeth. However, Juliana only learns about Elisabeth through a book of drawings that’s almost 100 years old, begun when Elisabeth herself was 14 in Eastern Europe, in the years following World War I.

Can Juliana’s grandfather remember enough so she can draw the strength she needs from the stories she’s never heard?

With each book, you’ll dive deeper into the tumultuous world of a teen who’s trying to make it all work: dance, school, friends, family. You’ll discover alongside her the intricate network that is a teen’s life today but whose roots were planted generations ago, in a time that’s slowly being forgotten.

Cover of "Between Worlds 1." In purple tones. Two young women. One with a headscarf that ties under the chin looks down on one with long brown hair.

Between Worlds 1: The Move

Juliana’s 14, a competitive dancer and successful student, must move across the country at Christmas with her parents to live with her grandfather. Unknown to her, this move she doesn’t want opens up her past through an old book of drawings created by her great-grandmother, when she was 14, back in 1920 Romania.

Cover image for "Between Worlds 2." Brown tones. Two teens have their backs to you. The one on the left has her hair pulled into braids and a bun. She's wearing an old farm dress. The other has her long hair hanging down her back. She's wearing a jean jacket and leggings. Above the first teen is the image of a father wearing a black hat and black clothing. Above the teen on the right is the image of a father with a short haircut and a gruff look.

Between Worlds 2: The Distance

Juliana meets her new dance team but is scared she’s not good enough. Elisabeth’s family still hasn’t heard from their father, but she discovers he’s already written his brother.

Cover for "Between Worlds 3: The First Step." On the left, in a muted image, is a teenage woman in a peasant dress, with a long apron and a shawl and headscarf. She's leaning against a tree. On the right, on what looks like the same tree, is a modern teenager girl wearing a bright winter jacket, a toque, and mitts. A cityscape is behind her.

Between Worlds 3: The First Step

Coming April 6! A heavy study schedule and odd behaviour from Opa ensure Juliana’s first few weeks at her new school don’t run so smoothly. Elisabeth has to care for all her siblings and crotchety Omama all week, but a surprise announcement lifts her spirits.

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Between Worlds 4: ?

Between Worlds 4 is scheduled for release this summer!

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Between Worlds 5: ?

Between Worlds 5 is scheduled for release in time for Christmas shopping!