About Lori

Headshot of Lori Wolf-Heffner
Lori Wolf-Heffner. Photo by Adam Benjamin.

Lori Wolf-Heffner is a freelance copywriter, translator, and editor and author of Postcards in a Closet and the Between Worlds series.

Always fascinated by history and how it played out on her life, Lori delved into her family history to uncover the stories that affected who she became, even long before she was born. From changing borders to war to labour camps to ethnic divisions…from church rituals to marriage customs to community celebrations…from gender roles to dreams to immigration…her journey back in time is building a never-ending tale of who she is and who she may become.

Driving all of this is the knowledge that the history behind each and every person on this planet plays the same role, meaning we are all more than the sum of our physical parts. Instead, we are all the outcome of these stories, and it’s our decisions that propel these stories forward, changing them–hopefully for the better.

Lori Wolf-Heffner has her Hons BA in German with a second general major in Psychology, her MA in German, and is working towards her PhD in German at the University of Waterloo. She was an inaugural member of the Canadian National Tap Team, studied dance for over 20 years (tap, jazz, ballet, some hip-hop, and a little Irish), and is a former dance teacher. She has written for the Globe & Mail, The Dance Current, and just dance! magazine (under Lori Straus).

Lori’s grateful for the support from her three “boys”–her husband and two sons–and her mom, dad, and sister.