Lori Wolf-Heffner’s Book Catalogue

Welcome to my book catalogue! This is a list of books that I’ve published or that will be published. I’ve listed everything in alphabetical order.

Between Worlds Series

The Between Worlds series follows the coming-of-age journeys of Juliana Roth, herself a teen in 2018/2019, and her great-grandmother as a teen in 1919/1920.

Love on Belmont

What could be more perfect than a sweet romance series set in a quaint shopping area with wonderful restaurants, a fantastic tea shop, speciality bakeries, and more? That’s why Lori Wolf-Heffner has set her next seriesLove on Belmont, in Belmont Village, Kitchener.

Postcards in a Closet

This creative non-fiction memoir introduces the world to the woman behind the inspiration for Elisabeth Schuhmacher in Between Worlds: Katharina Wolf.