Lori Wolf-Heffner’s Book Catalogue

Welcome to my book catalogue! This is a list of books that I’ve published or that will be published. I’ve listed everything in alphabetical order.

Between Worlds Series

The Between Worlds series follows the coming-of-age journeys of Juliana Roth, herself a teen in 2018/2019, and her great-grandmother as a teen in 1919/1920.

A pile of old suitcases wtih a pair of pink high-tops at the top. The cover for Between Worlds 1: The Move by Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 1: The Move

Juliana’s life turns upside down when she and her parents move across the country to live with her grandfather. She discovers an old journal of drawings that leads her to Elisabeth, Juliana’s great-grandmother, who drew about the events after World War I, when she was 14.

Cover for Between Worlds: The Distance, by Lori Wolf-Heffner. Faded images in the background of old maps, an old compass in the foreground.

Between Worlds 2: The Distance

In one last attempt to connect with Juliana, Dad opens up about his hidden past. Can Juliana forgive him for having missed so much of her life?
Elisabeth’s family still hasn’t heard from their father, but she discovers he’s already written his brother.

Cover for Between Worlds 3: The First Step, by Lori Wolf-Heffner. A lit lantern stands on the ground at dusk. The sky is overcast.

Between Worlds 3: The First Step

To keep her average up, Juliana has to stick to a strict study schedule. Opa’s odd behaviour, though casts doubt on that.
Elisabeth has to care for all her siblings and crotchety Omama all week, whose traditional forms of discipline don’t sit well with Elisabeth.

Cover of Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do, by Lori Wolf-Heffner. A fuscia-coloured butterfly sits on an outstretched finger.

Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do

Juliana and Rachel’s friendship faces its hardest test yet when tragedy strikes Rachel’s family.
Horrific nightmares of that great war are tormenting Georg, Elisabeth’s cousin. Elisabeth wants to help, but Mammi–plus almost everyone in their community–tells her not to.

Cover for Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek, by Lori Wolf-Heffner. Old photo albums stacked on top of one another.

Between Worlds 5: Hide and Seek

Searching for the truth can open up new friendships. Juliana enlists her cousin Sophie’s help in looking for the perfect gift for Mom’s birthday: a long-lost photo from her first dance competition three decades ago. As they search, the cousins slowly unearth…

Cover of Between Worlds 6: Missing Home. A blue background, an old key dangling on the right, on the left is an old photo of two women from Semlak, Romania.

Between Worlds 6: Missing Home

When those you trust the most feel like strangers… Juliana is trapped between Opa and Mom: Opa doesn’t understand why his daughter ever left home, and Mom is doing everything possible to not spend time with her father. Family stories that began…

A pair of young hands holds a pair of old hands. The cover of Between Worlds 7: What Will Come, by Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 7: What Will Come

Two teens fear for their family’s future. They live a century apart, but family draws their lives together. Juliana catches a glimpse of her grandfather’s future during a community dance show at a nursing home. Frightened by what she sees, she buries…

Book cover for Between Worlds 8: A Father's Journey, by Lori Wolf-Heffner

Between Worlds 8: A Father’s Journey

Two teens, a century apart, struggle to learn what love and fathers are really all about. That does it, Juliana vows. It’s Operation How to Train Your Father, full speed ahead. After years of making do with texts and phone calls while…

Two teen girls from two different times facing away from each other

Between Worlds Box Set: Books 1-3

Without a space to dance, how will Juliana adjust to her new home? Tap dancer Juliana moves across Canada with her parents to care for an ailing grandfather. Cut off from her friends, surrounded by strangers, and unable to dance out her…

Love on Belmont

What could be more perfect than a sweet romance series set in a quaint shopping area with wonderful restaurants, a fantastic tea shop, speciality bakeries, and more? That’s why Lori Wolf-Heffner has set her next seriesLove on Belmont, in Belmont Village, Kitchener.

A woman's hands holding a glass mug of tea. The cover for Lori Wolf-Heffner's short story, Claire's Tea Shop

Love on Belmont: Claire’s Tea Shop, 1st prequel short story

She’s opened his eyes to the delicious world of tea. Can she open her own heart to his love? It’s 1967 and young widow Claire is living her dream as the owner of Claire’s Tea Shop, a dream she refuses to give…

Cover for Love on Belmont: Oh, Christmas Tea, by Lori Wolf-Heffner

Love on Belmont: Oh, Christmas Tea, 3rd prequel short story

Can tea and Christmas magic mend a broken heart? Claire and Richard are preparing Claire’s Tea Shop for the 40th Annual Christmas Sale and Tea Party. When Pauline, their oldest daughter, surprises them with news of a dream opportunity for herself, Claire…

A woman holds a cup of tea in her hands, with pumpkins and apples on the table. A heart is outlined in the tea.

Love on Belmont: Trick or Tea, 2nd prequel short story

Will tea bags come between Claire and Richard? It’s 1987. Cable TV has over 25 channels, health culture has been born, and Claire is losing business to herbal teas that promise health benefits, the doughnut shop that serves smokers, and tea bags…

Postcards in a Closet

This creative non-fiction memoir introduces the world to the woman behind the inspiration for Elisabeth Schuhmacher in Between Worlds: Katharina Wolf.