Love on Belmont: A Sweet Romance Series

A copy of 'Tea Shop for Two' leaning against a stack of copies. Tagline: She's bold. He's sweet. Add love and stir.

Love on Belmont is my sweet romance series set in Belmont Village, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.


Across the tracks and up a set of cement stairs from my grandmother's home was Belmont Village, a quaint shopping strip with restaurants, a drug store, a convenience store, and several small businesses. My grandmother, who lived in the Belmont neighbourhood, always bought her lottery tickets at the convenience store and often took me and my sister there to buy us a sugary treat.


I have lots of fond memories of the area, but little did I know my future family was waiting for me...

You see, I didn't know that the Belmont neighbourhood and Belmont Village also held my fate: the most wonderful romance in my life.


When I met my future in-laws maybe 20 years later, we learned we had already met: they ran that small convenience store until the mid-80s. Moreover, their paths had crossed often with those of my mom’s family before I was even a thought.


Happy memories, shared fates, love…


And shopping.


How could Belmont Village not be the perfect place to set a sweet romance series about different couples on different paths to finding love?

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The Short Story Prequels

Cover of Claire's Tea Shop
Cover of Trick or Tea
Cover of Oh, Christmas Tea

The Novels

Cover of Love on Belmont 1: Tea Shop for Two
Love on Belmont 2 is coming soon

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