Love on Belmont

Love on Belmont is my new sweet romance series set in Belmont Village, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Across the tracks and up a set of cement stairs from my grandmother’s home was Belmont Village, a quaint shopping strip with restaurants, a drug store, a convenience store, and several small businesses. My grandmother, who lived in Belmont neighbourhood, always bought her lottery tickets at the convenience store and often took me and my sister there to buy us a sugary treat.

What Belmont Village Looks Like Today

Love on Belmont: My Prequel

Back then, I had no idea Belmont neighbourhood and Belmont Village also held my fate: the most wonderful romance in my life.

When I met my future in-laws maybe 20 years later, we learned we had already met: They ran that small convenience store until the mid-80s. Moreover, their paths had crossed often with those of my mom’s family before I was even a thought.

Happy memories, shared fates, love…

And shopping.

How could Belmont Village not be the perfect place to set a sweet romance series about different couples on different paths to fulfilling love?

Where to Find Love on Belmont

Tea Shop for Two, the first novel in the series, will be released in 2021. In the meantime, you can enjoy several short stories. Claire’s Tea Shop is currently available at major book store retailers and in Belmont Village at All Things Tea or as a free ebook to newsletter subscribers. Trick or Tea and Oh, Christmas Tea are available at major retailers in ebook and paperback formats or for free to newsletter subscribers.

Cover for Love on Belmont: Tea Shop for Two

Love on Belmont 1: Tea Shop for Two

She’s bold. He’s sweet. Just add love and stir. Pauline loves entertaining thousands—especially the kids—with stunts and an open heart at game time and in community service as the only female mascot actor in men’s major league hockey. After the Toronto Peregrines…

A woman's hands holding a glass mug of tea. The cover for Lori Wolf-Heffner's short story, Claire's Tea Shop

Love on Belmont: Claire’s Tea Shop, 1st prequel short story

She’s opened his eyes to the delicious world of tea. Can she open her own heart to his love? It’s 1967 and young widow Claire is living her dream as the owner of Claire’s Tea Shop, a dream she refuses to give…

Cover for Love on Belmont: Oh, Christmas Tea, by Lori Wolf-Heffner

Love on Belmont: Oh, Christmas Tea, 3rd prequel short story

Can tea and Christmas magic mend a broken heart? Claire and Richard are preparing Claire’s Tea Shop for the 40th Annual Christmas Sale and Tea Party. When Pauline, their oldest daughter, surprises them with news of a dream opportunity for herself, Claire…

A woman holds a cup of tea in her hands, with pumpkins and apples on the table. A heart is outlined in the tea.

Love on Belmont: Trick or Tea, 2nd prequel short story

Will tea bags come between Claire and Richard? It’s 1987. Cable TV has over 25 channels, health culture has been born, and Claire is losing business to herbal teas that promise health benefits, the doughnut shop that serves smokers, and tea bags…

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