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Writing Stories for Children, With Children

Lori Wolf-Heffner | July 20, 2013
In my quest to expand my creativity, I set my notebook and pen on my night table. I frequently started writing as soon as I woke up, spending 10 minutes…

Practicing Your Creativity

Lori Wolf-Heffner | July 8, 2013
Ever practiced your creativity? If you’re like me, probably never. So when I read Daphne Gray-Grant’s three blog posts on deliberate practice, I was intrigued. I thought you had to…

Assumptions You Hold About Yourself May Affect Your Creativity

Lori Wolf-Heffner | June 27, 2013
I once did a few comedy improv workshops once for troubled teens in a local high school. Most of the scenes were about sex, so I urged the students to…
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