Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do

Cover for "Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do:" Juliana is looking up from her phone, Rachel is crying over a coffin, Elisabeth is reading a book, and Georg is staring blankly at nothing

Juliana struggles to support best friend Rachel through the darkest time of her life: She can’t fly home, phone calls leave the girls in tears and unable to hug, and social media shows Juliana how many other friends Rachel has to help her. Will this tragedy change their friendship forever?

When Georg’s fits from the war become so severe it’s clear he needs help, Elisabeth doesn’t know what to do: Should she listen to Mammi and the rumour mill and stay away from Georg? Or help a former soldier whose mind is out of control and replaying the war inside him?

Between Worlds 4: What Friends Do will be released July 25th!

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