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What’s the Point of the Arts?

Lori Wolf-Heffner | May 20, 2017
I do believe the arts are a spiritual endeavour, one that’s not always easily put into words. But when I read about cuts to the arts in schools, or run…

We are Creative Adults: Age is Irrelevant

Lori Wolf-Heffner | May 12, 2017
This week’s post is short, because the week has been full of celebrations, and they’re going to continue into the weekend. Our culture values youth, and I think it’s a…

What’s Your Constellation of Images? How to Find Your Voice

Lori Wolf-Heffner | July 3, 2015
Last time, I reflected on how writing from your past can help you develop your voice, since you’re the only one who has experienced your past. (I also gave you…

Inspiration isn’t What I Thought It Was

Lori Wolf-Heffner | January 17, 2014
The inspired writer, the inspired dancer, the inspired artist. The only time I’ve witnessed any kind of artist being inspired is in Hollywood scenes. You know what I’m talking about,…

Every Little Bit Helps Your Goals

Lori Wolf-Heffner | July 30, 2013
The desire to achieve your dreams can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re trying to stop spending so much, or maybe you’re trying to write or paint more, or maybe you dream…

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