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Knox Waterloo Christmas Bazaar

Knox Waterloo Christmas Bazaar

The Knox Waterloo Christmas Bazaar is a Christmas market at perhaps one of the best-known churches in Waterloo. I’ve never been inside this church, just marvelled at it from the outside. Heather Wright and I will again be selling our books as the Zwei Writers From K-W, alongside many other vendors. (Once I have more details on the other vendors at thebazaar, I’ll add them here.)

I’ll be selling all four books from Between Worlds, plus Postcards in a Closet. If budget is a concern, I’ll have a limited number of books from Between Worlds that have the original covers–they’ll be 50% off! Alongside me will be Heather Wright, my consulting editor and writing coach. She’ll be selling her books on how to write, her genre journals (I used one for Between Worlds 5 and it was hugely helpful), and stories for boys. A former high school teacher, Heather has also written how-to books and journals on writing for teens.

Heather and I can’t wait to see you at the Knox Waterloo Christmas Bazaar 🤶🏻. At our booth, you’ll find a friendly pair of women who love to chat with anyone who drops by, plus a unique selection of books written by two local authors. Look for the vertical banner that says “Zwei Writers From KW.”

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